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Vizier Malzahar

There is a little story behind this cosplay.

It was the beginning of the year 2014 and my best friend, Cora Mia, asked me, if I wanted to be part of a League of Legends group for gamescom. Since I haven’t played LoL up to now (and I think this won’t change in the near future), I rejected the offer. I want to cosplay characters, which I can relate to – or at least know a bit about. If you know Cora, you know that she isn’t really satisfied with a no. So she asked me all the time and one day, I asked her: Which character, do you think suits me the best? There were a few, but the one which caught my eye at the first sight was Malzahar. So I decided for myself to learn about his story and stuff.

I disguised my works on his dagger as “test with Worbla” and my mother sewed the costume itself. Two weeks before gamescom I revealed my little secret and you know, who was really pissed? Yep, Cora. Not because I did the cosplay, but because I haven’t told her. Well, in the end she was happy that I was part of the group I guess. Malzahar is now retired, since I don’t really like the cosplay anymore (and I’m too dumb to use contact lenses).

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First Convention
gamescom 2014

Time spent

Money spent

Why did you choose this character?
I liked the design of the character and wanted to surprise Cora at gamescom (which worked out I guess). But tbh I don't know a lot about this character, so I won't wear it again I think.

What were the biggest challenges?
The contact lenses. I hate those things. And that's why I haven't worn them the last times I wore the cosplay. And to keep it secret from a certain person.

Which materials did you use?

  • Hobbycolor
  • styrofoam
  • Worbla’s Finest Art
  • grip tape