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Spider-Armor (Spider-Man)

I wanted to be Spider-Man once…

Well, and since I didn’t want to be one in a million “normal” Spider-Man cosplayers, I chose a design, I haven’t seen that much around. It’s the Spider-Armor, which was designed by Peter Parker and is made of a pseudo-metallic compound, he developed. Well, I don’t want to shatter your dreams, but my suit is just spandex.

The suit is from http://www.herostime.com/

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First Convention
AnimagiC 2015

Time spent

Money spent

Why did you choose this character?
As mentioned above, I wanted to be Spider-Man. And I wanted a comfy cosplay for the days, where I didn't want to have a lot of things to take with me.

What do you like the most about this cosplay?
Even though I'm not "the good Spider-Man", which is technically not correct, the little kids love to take a picture with Spider-Man. It always makes me happy to see a kid smile.

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