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Mysterio (Spider-Man: Far From Home)

Mysterio – Master illusionist and manipulator

Another cosplay from the Spider-Verse and MCU, but this time no Spidey ­čśÇ


Thumb & first pic: Freitag Fotografie

Second – fourth pic: UWCosplay

Portfolio Categories: Movie.


First Convention
CCXP Cologne 2019

Why did you choose this character?
I really liked the design of Mysterio in the first trailers and knew that I had to make a cosplay of it.

What were the biggest challenges?
The LED stuff. Wiring, coding and everything.
And of course the fish bowl :D

Which materials did you use?

  • EVA foam
  • 3D print (PLA)
  • Spandex Suit
  • PVC globe

What do you like the most about this cosplay?
I really like the LED stuff and the globe, but I need to rework a lot of stuff.

WIP pictures