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Green Arrow

You have failed this city!

Cosplay from the TV show “Arrow” season 5.

The cosplay was bought from Aliexpress and the props were all made by me. I even designed the arrow head, the little gadgets and some parts of the bow and 3D printed them.


Thumbnail & second picture: Food and Cosplay
First picture: Bilderzwerg
Third & Fourth picture: AK Fotografie

Nyssa Al-Ghul: Creepy Princess
Deathstroke: Aequitas Cosplay
Deadshot: Veritas Cosplay

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First Convention
Comic Con Germany 2018

Time spent
20-30 hours

Money spent

Why did you choose this character?
I love the TV show "Arrow" and since I really like the character, I had to cosplay Green Arrow some time.

And when I had the money to buy the cosplay, I did!

What were the biggest challenges?
Making the bow, designing the arrow head and little gadgets.

Which materials did you use?

Bow is made from MDF and some 3D printed parts.
Arrows are real arrow shafts with a 3D printed arrow head on one of them for posing. The other ones are glued in place.

WIP pictures