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Geralt of Rivia

First cosplay from the Witcher universe – and definitely not the last!It all started with a make up test with Creepy Princess and I really like the outcome.

The shirt is the first thing I sewed myself (and is more complex then a belt). So I’m pretty satisfied with the cosplay so far.

Thumbnail and first two pictures: eosAndy
Third picture: Freitag Fotografie
Fourth picture: LEXX Design

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First Convention
RPC 2018

Time spent
15 hours

Money spent
about 100€

Why did you choose this character?
I like the style of Geralt and with such a wonderful Triss on my side it was a no-brainer to make this cosplay.

What were the biggest challenges?
Sewing for the first time of course and the stitchings on the trousers have been the most difficult parts.

Which materials did you use?

  • Locket and sword are 3D printed in PLA
  • pleather for the boot covers
  • white cotton for the shirt
  • brown cotton for the trousers

What do you like the most about this cosplay?
Everything on this cosplay is super cool and it is pretty comfortable to wear.