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Dr. med Jean-Pascal Dampierre

A cosplay, which not many people recognize.

This character is from the german manga “Grablicht” by Daniela Winkler (aka Horrorkissen). Dr. med Jean-Pascal Dampierre is a dentist – and a vampire. When Daniela saw us for the first time, she told me, that I would look like the person, this character is based on. So this was a pretty cool compliment for me. I really like the cosplay, it’s not very complex but very comfortable. And as I already mentioned, not many people recognize it. They always ask me, if I’m someone from Scrubs or Emergency Room.


First Convention
Frankfurter Bookfair 2014

Money spent

Why did you choose this character?
Because someone asked me to do it - and this was the only character from the manga, where I wouldn't need to shave (since I could wear the mask all the time).

What do you like the most about this cosplay?
When I'm on my way to the convention, people think that I'm a real doctor. Because of that there were some funny moments at the super market or in a restaurant. And my cosplay group is awesome!