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John Constantine, Exorcist, Demonologist and Master of the dark Arts!This is my first DC cosplay and I really liked the character from the first time, I saw him on screen. It’s really sad that there is only one season of this show, since it is sooo awesome! Maybe it will come back in the future, but I doubt it.

But nonetheless I love this cosplay, it is super comfy and there are some people, who recognized me.

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First Convention
Hanami 2016

Time spent

Money spent

Why did you choose this character?
I loved the show from the beginning and really liked Matt Ryan as Constantine. Then I threw some things together and made a little test. After I saw that this would suit me, I ordered the wig, the trenchcoat and stuff. Next up will be his suitcase and a few of his tools and utilities.

What were the biggest challenges?
Not much, since I bought everything (or had it already)

What do you like the most about this cosplay?
I love the wig, which Revy Cosplay did for me.

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