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Aiden Pearce

Aiden Pearce is the second cosplay I made.

With this cosplay I won the fifth place at the Ubisoft Cosplay Contest at gamescom 2014. It is pretty warm (since it’s a leather coat and a fleece pullover), so normally nothing for the summer months.
It took me about 10 hours to get everything done.

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First Convention
Leipzig Bookfair 2014

Time spent

Money spent

Why did you choose this character?
I really liked the character of Aiden Pearce from the first time, I saw a trailer for the game. The fact that he is a hacker and knows his way around with electronics and stuff really appealed to me, since I'm also a little nerd, when it comes to electronics and computers (well, it's my job, to know this stuff).

What were the biggest challenges?
The jacket was a challenge, because there is this pattern on it. Somehow my mother managed to sew it onto the leather jacket. Afterwards I darkened it with leather color and painted the whole jacket with this color, to get more of the look from the game.

Which materials did you use?

  • Leather color in black & brown (a lot of it)
  • toy pistol
  • fleece buff (for the face mask)
  • fabric color

What do you like the most about this cosplay?
The simplicity of the cosplay. It is super comfy and even though you look "normal" it's a cosplay. Not many people recognized the character at first, but when they do, they always tell me, not to hack them. Pff, already too late.